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So you want to know a bit about me?

Well where do I start, I was born and raised in the far north of New Zealand in an area called the Hokianga.

At the age of ten my Dad relocated us to Whangarei in pursuit of a better education, Only to have me leave school early and get a fulltime job.

I then left New Zealand on a whim at the age of eighteen in pursuit of a better life and some adventure, Like many this change of scenery and new places is what started my love for capturing photos.

Although growing up I was always fascinated by photographs and the ability to capture a moment in time, seeing new places really ignited the inner flame to start capturing my own.

After a long journey of honing my craft and traveling all over planet Earth I've found myself back in the motherland and loving every minute of it, Like they say "You can journey to the ends of the earth in search of success, But if you're lucky, You will discover happiness In your own backyard", Just at the other end of it. :)

I specialize in shooting sport, Adventure and lifestyle but certainly aren't limited to these genres and I'm always up for a challenge, Living in Wanaka gives me an abundance of fun things to shoot and I'm always keen for something new.                

Those milliseconds in time are what I strive for, The perfect smile, The perfect turn or the perfect light, It all adds up to create a snap shot in time to last an eternity!

So there you go you now know a bit about me, If you're not satisfied and want to know more, get in touch via the contact page or email me at lennonbrightphotography@gmail.com and maybe we can chat over a few photos.............On a mountain...............In the snow, Or something like that :)