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I'm Lennon, And this is the part where I'm supposed to write one of those weird third person descriptions of myself isn't it!

Well how about instead I just tell you a bit about myself and what I do.I was born and raised in the far north of New Zealand and now reside in the mountains down in Wanaka. I'm a freelance photographer working in a few different genres but specializing in pointing a camera at humans, And more specifically humans doing outdoor activities. Whether it be sporting event coverage, Brand catalogues, Marketing imagery, Snow sports, Commercial, BTS, You name it!

As an avid outdoorsman/Dadventurer I have a natural passion for shooting anything out in the wild, But it's capturing the unique moments in time that I truly strive for, Whether it be outdoors or in a studio, if it involves human emotion or activity I'm going to want to point a camera at it!

Ok so now is the part where that mythical third person talks about all the big clients and company's I've made images for!

Well yes my images have been used by big companies, Brands, sporting events, Tourism campaigns and publications, But like anyone who has spent some time in this industry they've also been hung on walls, Used by small businesses and brands, Charities, Wedding albums, Profile pictures and so on and so on! Ultimately I want to tell a story with my images and captivate the viewer whether the client is big or small, It's my opportunity to capture a moment in time and display my view of the world around me!

So there you have it, Straight from the horses mouth!

If you want to know more or want to discuss a shoot or project please don't hesitate to get in touch, Even if you just want to talk photography I'm always up for a yarn!




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